Chronic Pain Management

Surgery is NOT chronic pain management.

Injections are NOT chronic pain management.

Drugs are NOT chronic pain management.

Spinal Cord stimulators are NOT chronic pain management.

Physiotherapy, Chriopractic, Osteopathy, Myopathy are NOT chronic pain management.


Many patients seen by Bayside Spine have either Non-Diagnosable Chronic Pain, or Chronic Pain caused by Non-reversible Chronic Degeneration.

Chronic Pain is pain that last more than 6 months.

Non-diagnosable means that despite all investigations available to modern medicine, the exact source of the pain is unknown.
All potential serious causes, such as cancer, infection, fracture and instability have been ruled out.

Non-reversible Chronic Degeneration means that while we know the cause of the pain, it cannot be removed with a single or simple intervention.

In these situations Chronic Pain requires Bio-Pyshco-Social Multimodal Pain Management.


If you require complex pain management you will be referred out to another provider.

Michael Knight prefers non-procedural rehabilitation based multimodal pain management, and refers directly to:

Dr Nathan Johns: The Rehabilitation Medicine Group:

Dr Bruce Shirazi: St John of God Rehabilitation Hospital:

Dr Terence LIm: 134/144 Ford Street, Ivanhoe, Vic, 3079

This is not an exclusive or hierarchical list, and only reflect the locality of Bayside Spine and previous referral patterns.

You might want to think about visiting one of these services first, before seeing a surgeon.

Surgery will fix a single problem. It cannot fix your life.